Great Fitness Apps for iPhone 6

With having busy schedules and constant work like emails, IMs, smartphone can also helps the users to be connected with health but apps which has been made for iPhone 6. After the release of Apple's latest update iOS 8.0.2 there are number of health and fitness apps has been emerging in App Store.


Myfitnesspal (Free)

Myfitnesspal is an app that allows users to track their calorie intake with the detailed food diary that also contains the huge database of foods and also it shows its nutritional values. It also tracks the steps taken used for M8 motion sensor, exercise routine, weight tracking, water intake and that helps to give the clear picture of your health.

UP by Jawbone (Free)

This UP is the latest app designed by jawbone that certainly takes away the need for wearable device by its iPhone's M8 sensor which tracks your walking goals and also your weight loss. This app can also be linked with other fitness apps like Myfitnesspal through the HealthKit platform.

Yummly (Free):

Yummly is an app that provides the central place to search for recipe ideas and also it helps to create the shopping lists. The recipe nutrition value and calorie can also be shared with the Health app after the meal has been prepared.

Fitnet (Free):

Fitnet is an app that is having around 200 free fitness videos which is followed by users during their daily workouts. This app also uses the front camera of your iPhone and can easily track and score your movements. As an extra push, it also helps the users to connect directly with the trainer which can guide them and encourage their workouts.

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Your Personal Financial Planning App: FlexScore

Almost every service that is serving human race is making their presence over mobile platform. Companies are offering apps for their user, facilitating them to check out various matrices from reach of their pocket. Mobile development companies are helping them offering great applications empowering smartphone users do great stuff from their mobile devices.

The app that I am discussing in this article lets you check out how exactly you are doing financially in life. It is named FlexScore over iTunes store and is published by FlexScore Inc. The app gives user automated financial planning platform for self-finance evaluation on their mobile devices.


FlexScore app is your personal tracker and evaluator which helps you find out how you are doing financially in your life, it lets you compare your earnings and savings with others of your age. With option to map your future financial needs at retirement age, your goal, monthly savings, assets, debts, cost of living and more; the app lets you track if you are going in the right direction and guides you towards right path as per your plans.

The app let you plan and save bucks for education of your kids, which is pretty hard these days in America.

It offer you following features:

  • Simple, intuitive scoring system of 0 to 1,000.
  • Clear and easy-to-navigate layout.
  • Dashboard lets you view all your assets and debts at a glance.
  • Supports 8,000+ financial institutions for FlexScore for aggregation.
  • Automatic updates save you from tedious data entry.
  • Personalized financial advice.
  • Hundreds of educational articles on personal finance.
  • Bank level security, with audits by Norton and McAfee.


Everyone think of their financial status, earning, future planning, and retirement needs; but most do not discuss it with others, which produces lot of queries in their mind, this app gives answer to all big questions in their mind. FlexScore service is basically experience of two financial planners with experience of over 27 years combined.

FlexScore is a great mobile app development effort which has proved pretty useful for huge number of people around the globe for managing their money.

Pin Drop App Introduced on US App Store

Pin Drop is a service that lets the users to organize, save and share locations which has now been launched on US app store with some modified mapping features, also it now offer ability to have multiple profiles for single user. Additionally it permits to allow the pins and tag to be public or private and to send them to list of recipients or share it in public. The major objective behind this app is to map and build up the library of the favorite locations by the users whether its shared publicly or privately.

Pin drop

Pin Drop also allows to create multiple accounts like personal, leisure or for business purpose. It also gives the advantage of attaching audio and video files to provide the context around the experiences that are tied to some major places. This app has been created by Andy Ashburner who has previously developed Summly which is a news summarizing application but now it has been acquired by Yahoo in the month on March 2013. Pin Drop can be listed amongst the most popular app in outdoor activity like hikers, snowboarders and also skaters along with this users can also add location scouts, architects and some more.

Here are the download links for iOS and Android platform.

Pin Drop has been released by avoiding the tags of Foursquare, but it also allows to do the most useful think about Foursquare that is it lets you to drop information in the location and either it also allows to keep that in private mode or you want to make it available publicly.

Entertainment Apps for Visually Impaired and Blinds

If you are visually impaired, it does not mean that you can not take up iDevice. There are some great apps that has been created for the people who does not rely on sight to use. Having apps ranging from music players to fighting your way in dark underworld. There are many such apps that can solve your problems. Here's an amazing list of apps that sorts all your hobbies and entertainment. If you are looking for apps for visually impaired people which allows your iDevice to assist them in their daily life, presented below the list of apps:

Visually impared

King of Dragon Pass:

If you love adventure, then King of Dragon Pass is an amazing interactive story where the major objective of the game is to be a leader of your group and then to be crowned to be as King of Dragon Pass. It has been made accessible with VoiceOver and is an amazing gameplay with having fantastic storyline and also its easy to be addictive to this app.


If you like much addictive games, Frotz can be an interactive fiction game which is the best. Frotz is an amazing gameplay that has free interactive fiction game that uses the older Z-machine format. Looking out in its library, the available titles completes with the ratings from other users. These titles includes mysteries, spy stories and much more. Frotz is available for free in app store.


How about playing simple fun word game? If you like playing simple games then you will surely be an addict to Moxie. Its a simple word game that gives each letter a number value. Users have to create string of words by replacing letters. Some words are worth a bonus that create a word which does not even exists which is called as “wordle” soon after that users loose points.

TuneIn Radio:

Whenever you are walking down street, you can listen to radio. TuneIn radio is an easy app that helps to navigate, fun to use and is quite reliable for music lovers. Can be accessed easily and you can play radio from anywhere. Search the stations by your location, genre or your native language.