Great Fitness Apps for iPhone 6

With having busy schedules and constant work like emails, IMs, smartphone can also helps the users to be connected with health but apps which has been made for iPhone 6. After the release of Apple's latest update iOS 8.0.2 there are number of health and fitness apps has been emerging in App Store.


Myfitnesspal (Free)

Myfitnesspal is an app that allows users to track their calorie intake with the detailed food diary that also contains the huge database of foods and also it shows its nutritional values. It also tracks the steps taken used for M8 motion sensor, exercise routine, weight tracking, water intake and that helps to give the clear picture of your health.

UP by Jawbone (Free)

This UP is the latest app designed by jawbone that certainly takes away the need for wearable device by its iPhone's M8 sensor which tracks your walking goals and also your weight loss. This app can also be linked with other fitness apps like Myfitnesspal through the HealthKit platform.

Yummly (Free):

Yummly is an app that provides the central place to search for recipe ideas and also it helps to create the shopping lists. The recipe nutrition value and calorie can also be shared with the Health app after the meal has been prepared.

Fitnet (Free):

Fitnet is an app that is having around 200 free fitness videos which is followed by users during their daily workouts. This app also uses the front camera of your iPhone and can easily track and score your movements. As an extra push, it also helps the users to connect directly with the trainer which can guide them and encourage their workouts.

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