Your Personal Financial Planning App: FlexScore

Almost every service that is serving human race is making their presence over mobile platform. Companies are offering apps for their user, facilitating them to check out various matrices from reach of their pocket. Mobile development companies are helping them offering great applications empowering smartphone users do great stuff from their mobile devices.

The app that I am discussing in this article lets you check out how exactly you are doing financially in life. It is named FlexScore over iTunes store and is published by FlexScore Inc. The app gives user automated financial planning platform for self-finance evaluation on their mobile devices.


FlexScore app is your personal tracker and evaluator which helps you find out how you are doing financially in your life, it lets you compare your earnings and savings with others of your age. With option to map your future financial needs at retirement age, your goal, monthly savings, assets, debts, cost of living and more; the app lets you track if you are going in the right direction and guides you towards right path as per your plans.

The app let you plan and save bucks for education of your kids, which is pretty hard these days in America.

It offer you following features:

  • Simple, intuitive scoring system of 0 to 1,000.
  • Clear and easy-to-navigate layout.
  • Dashboard lets you view all your assets and debts at a glance.
  • Supports 8,000+ financial institutions for FlexScore for aggregation.
  • Automatic updates save you from tedious data entry.
  • Personalized financial advice.
  • Hundreds of educational articles on personal finance.
  • Bank level security, with audits by Norton and McAfee.


Everyone think of their financial status, earning, future planning, and retirement needs; but most do not discuss it with others, which produces lot of queries in their mind, this app gives answer to all big questions in their mind. FlexScore service is basically experience of two financial planners with experience of over 27 years combined.

FlexScore is a great mobile app development effort which has proved pretty useful for huge number of people around the globe for managing their money.


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