Entertainment Apps for Visually Impaired and Blinds

If you are visually impaired, it does not mean that you can not take up iDevice. There are some great apps that has been created for the people who does not rely on sight to use. Having apps ranging from music players to fighting your way in dark underworld. There are many such apps that can solve your problems. Here's an amazing list of apps that sorts all your hobbies and entertainment. If you are looking for apps for visually impaired people which allows your iDevice to assist them in their daily life, presented below the list of apps:

Visually impared

King of Dragon Pass:

If you love adventure, then King of Dragon Pass is an amazing interactive story where the major objective of the game is to be a leader of your group and then to be crowned to be as King of Dragon Pass. It has been made accessible with VoiceOver and is an amazing gameplay with having fantastic storyline and also its easy to be addictive to this app.


If you like much addictive games, Frotz can be an interactive fiction game which is the best. Frotz is an amazing gameplay that has free interactive fiction game that uses the older Z-machine format. Looking out in its library, the available titles completes with the ratings from other users. These titles includes mysteries, spy stories and much more. Frotz is available for free in app store.


How about playing simple fun word game? If you like playing simple games then you will surely be an addict to Moxie. Its a simple word game that gives each letter a number value. Users have to create string of words by replacing letters. Some words are worth a bonus that create a word which does not even exists which is called as “wordle” soon after that users loose points.

TuneIn Radio:

Whenever you are walking down street, you can listen to radio. TuneIn radio is an easy app that helps to navigate, fun to use and is quite reliable for music lovers. Can be accessed easily and you can play radio from anywhere. Search the stations by your location, genre or your native language.