Pin Drop App Introduced on US App Store

Pin Drop is a service that lets the users to organize, save and share locations which has now been launched on US app store with some modified mapping features, also it now offer ability to have multiple profiles for single user. Additionally it permits to allow the pins and tag to be public or private and to send them to list of recipients or share it in public. The major objective behind this app is to map and build up the library of the favorite locations by the users whether its shared publicly or privately.

Pin drop

Pin Drop also allows to create multiple accounts like personal, leisure or for business purpose. It also gives the advantage of attaching audio and video files to provide the context around the experiences that are tied to some major places. This app has been created by Andy Ashburner who has previously developed Summly which is a news summarizing application but now it has been acquired by Yahoo in the month on March 2013. Pin Drop can be listed amongst the most popular app in outdoor activity like hikers, snowboarders and also skaters along with this users can also add location scouts, architects and some more.

Here are the download links for iOS and Android platform.

Pin Drop has been released by avoiding the tags of Foursquare, but it also allows to do the most useful think about Foursquare that is it lets you to drop information in the location and either it also allows to keep that in private mode or you want to make it available publicly.